Product & Startup Builder

Strategic Product Consulting

I have some time set aside to work with a limited set of companies. The following is some specific things I can help with. Don't hesitate to reach out.

1. Special Insights

In my career I have been a leader in the following fields...

  • Developer Platforms (APIs, SDKs, Developer Ecosystems etc) - having been the Head of Product for the Developer Platform at Uber for 2 years
  • On Demand/Sharing Economy
  • Attention (Profiling and filtering based on a user's interests)
  • Future of Media (worked with all major media including ABC, Reuters, CNN, AMC, TechCrunch etc)
  • Data Portability (open standards/APIs)
  • Streams (Gestures, Cards as a UI metaphor)
  • Unbundling (the breaking down of companies, apps, services into more discrete component parts)
  • Silicon Valley (fundraising, key players, politics, relationships, logistical and cultural insights, etc).

I can provide special insights and historical context in these areas.

2. General Product Reviews

I can evaluate your product's existing form and function including areas such as...

  • Look+Feel/Polish
    What works, and what requires polish to convey a sense of quality and attention to detail.
  • Core metaphors and habits
    Which features stand out as the most value added and how to center the UI/UX around those tentpoles.
  • Social integration
    When, if and how to integrate with social networks and social behaviors.
  • Viral systems
    How to encourage users to encourage their friends to join.
  • Retention
    Methods to get users staying longer and/or coming back more often.
  • Monetization
    Approaches to various business models and implementation strategies.
  • APIs and Standards
    Developer usability, adoption or development of appropriate open standards

In each case I will provide a document that constructively criticizes what's already there as well as make suggestions for how it might evolve/improve over time.

3. UI & UX Design

I can assist with in-depth wire-framing, mockups and final designs for your user interface, workflows, branding etc. To get a sense of my work in this area, visit my LinkedIn.

4. Market Strategy

I can provide advice on how your product fits into broader market trends and narratives as well as connect you to startups that might be valuable partners, or dangerous competitors. 

It also happens that some of my friends and contacts are tech bloggers involved in all the major tech outlets in Silicon Valley and Europe. I can assist in packaging your message for press and connecting you to bloggers and journalists who cover your space.

5. Learn more

You can learn more about my by browsing the rest of this site and/or visiting my LinkedIn profile.