Product & Startup Builder

About Me

I build Strategies, Products, Messages, Brands, Ecosystems, Standards and Startups.

Co-author of Backplane Protocol and APML, Co-founder of the DataPortability ProjectStartup AdvisorCo-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Echo.

I find patterns. I imagine new behaviors. I extrapolate abstractions. I define the primitives. I design simple, concrete solutions. I evangelize the product, process and outcomes internally and externally.

I am interested in both the form and the function. I prefer streams over pages, liberal over conservative, open over closed. I am interested in helping others succeed so that we can all work and play in shared personal and professional success.

My passions include Business, Product, Technology, The Internet, TV/Movies/Pop Culture, Politics, Philosophy and Psychology.

Specifically my professional interests and experience involves...

  • Starting, Building and Running a series of great startups
    Most as CEO, at Echo as CSO. Each time focused on democratizing participation in news and communication.
  • Product Management and Design
    Designing Minimum Viable Products (MVP), User Experience, User Interface, Baking in social etc.
  • Platforms and Ecosystems
    Architecting extensible platforms and their developer ecosystems. Designed and built a platform from zero to 85 Billion API calls a month.
  • Open Standards
    Designing, Popularizing and Adopting Industry Standards (including BackplaneAPML, DataPortabilityActivityStreams, oEmbed, OpenID, OAuth and more)
  • Big Brand/Media Sales, Strategy and Support
    Building, selling and supporting products into large brands and media companies (Worked with central product and IT groups at CNN, Univision, NASDQ, Disney, UMG, NBCU, Coke, Fanta, AT&T and more)
  • Social Media Strategy
    Techniques for participating in, influencing and leveraging social media to grow new markets, influence thought leaders and drive industry conversations.
  • Fundraising
    Raising capital in Silicon Valley


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